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9am-11pm everyday
Free Delivery
Orders accepted between 9am-7:30pm,
will be delivered between 12:30-7:30pm
(Findlay Creek)
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Sunday 10am–8pm
Free Delivery
(Findlay Creek)
Orders accepted 9am till 7pm
Delivered between 4pm - 7pm

How to Order

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Step 1 – Check your age

  • All you have to be is 19 or older.

Step 2 – Browse our Shop or Menu page

Go to our Menu page or individual Shop pages: Shop Now – 258 Elgin St and Shop Now – Findlay Creek select your preferred location and identify the items you wish to purchase.

  1. You can add them to the cart by clicking the small”+” icon OR
  2. You can click on “Product Name”, which will open the product page, where you can add them to your cart.

Step 3 –  View your Cart

Click on the Cart icon at the top right of the screen, review your items and make sure they are correct. Click Proceed to Checkout.

Step 4-  Pickup

After checkout, your order will be packed and be available for pickup.  Remember that the delivery option is not available.

Step 5 – Personal, Shipping and Payment Information

Fill out your Name, Email, Phone and other information. After that fill your Credit Card details.

Step 6 – Place your Order

Please read the Terms and Conditions, and then click Place Order. **You must be 19 years or older*



If you are facing any issue during Order Placing, then do not hesitate to call us.